Sarah Cooper's Long Road to Glory

May 30, 2017 Lisa Carponelli

Thousands of miles. Unpredictable weather. Mechanical repairs. Injuries. Fatigue.   For Sarah Cooper, that’s all in the rear-view mirror now. Her eyes are focused on the road ahead. That road will be more than 3,000 miles long. It will wind through mountain passes and along the desert floor. It will crisscross cities and towns from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland. It’s the route for one of the country’s most grueling competitive cycling events known as Race Across America (RAAM). The 10-day race kicks off next month. Cooper, a 46-year-old mom from Urbandale, is not only focused on finishing the ultramarathon...

Come on, buy the kit

April 25, 2017 Lisa Carponelli

While we’d love for you to consider one of our cycling kits, what’s more important to us is that you realize you deserve to look and feel great while riding your bike. You deserve comfortable, carefully constructed shorts specially designed for a women’s body. You deserve a proper fitting jersey. You deserve the time to take care of yourself and look kick ass while doing it.

"Kitsmas" in April!

April 11, 2017 Lisa Carponelli

What’s in the box? No, seriously, what’s in the box?! As the owners of a women’s cycling clothing company, there’s always that moment when our first shipment of the season arrives at the door. It’s a recipe that contains, in equal measure, excitement and trepidation. All our cycling jerseys and shorts start as a sketch. Kim then moves it to the computer and starts to work within the design program. We might change the color palette here or move a part of the pattern over there. Once we're satisfied, we send the graphic files to our supplier and get a small sample print....

Podcast with Road Warrior, Sarah Cooper

April 03, 2017 Lisa Carponelli

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have a conversation with a superhero? If you’re talking to ultramarathon cyclist Sarah Cooper, it’s like catching up with an old friend. Listen to the ‘origin story’ of one of the world’s fastest distance cyclists around. She’s shattering records and changing perceptions about what a woman can do on a bike. Cooper is as comfortable and happy on top of the podium as she is waiting in line for carpool. Here she is talking with the Des Moines Register’s Kyle Munson on the JustGoBike podcast. (Want to know one of the...

We want YOU!!

March 27, 2017 Lisa Carponelli

One of the best memories Kim and I have happened at our pop-up store at Ragbrai last summer. A young woman ran up to our booth with her dad in tow. She was tugging him by the arm. “YES! It’s you guys!” She said to Kim and me. “See, Dad! I told you they’d be here again!” She turned back to us, “I need another pair of your shorts. I JUST LOVE THEM! I’ve told all my friends that they’re my favorite!” Knowing that our customers are happy and excited to wear our gear is the greatest compliment. The fact...