Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Struggling to find the perfect gift for that cycling-enthusiast in your life? Let us help. We have prepared a list of some of our favorite gifts that will have you ready to hit the road well-equipped and in-style in 2020. 

      1. A fresh new look: Give your bike the pick-me-up it needs with Hijinx™ graphics. These pre-cut, scratch-proof, pieces are ready for easy installation and are sure to draw serious attention on your next ride.

      2. Love for your lips: It's time to give your lips the love they deserve. Eco Lips is an organic lip balm created and produced in Marion, IA. The lineup from Eco-Lips is the perfect remedy for those cold winter rides.

      3. A hot new kit: Ride into the new year in style with a new kit from the ladies right here at Velorosa. Not sure which pattern to purchase for your special someone? We have gift cards, too!

      4. A helping hand: Be the hero of the road and lend a helping hand with the Hero Kit. This product will give you all the materials you need for every common (and not-so-common) problem you might encounter on the road. Plus, you can save 20% on your purchase by using code VELOROSA!

      5. Super-strength: Discover the power of super-strength with the Bikase SuperBand. Attach pretty much anything to your bike without the fear of losing it to the road. Save 20% with code BIKE20!

      6. Peppermint soap: With a zesty peppermint aroma, it has the makings of the perfect holiday gift. Infused with peppermint oil and caffeine, this completely natural soap is sure to give your mind and body a boost before you step onto your pedals. 

      7. Travel protected: Travel light and safe with the Ruster Sports OG Hen House bike travel case. This cutting-edge product fits your bike in two cases to avoid costly fees by fitting checked baggage guidelines on most major airlines.

      8. Feminine power: Maximize your performance with Fem Power protein powder. This innovative formula is a clean, simple fuel, proven to drive results. The Iowa-based, woman-owned company has a special offer: use code FP15 to save 15% on your purchase!

      9. Fun and Fast: Need a quick stocking stuffer? Check out the great selection of accessories in our Velorosa online store — graphic tees, hats, cycling caps, jewelry, and even notecards! All items that are perfect for those who love life on two wheels. And, to sweeten the deal, we’re offering 20% off all those fun and fabulous items between now and Dec. 21. Use code GIFT20. Hey, Donner. On your left.

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