The Art of the Handup

Hello friends! 👋🏼Angie & James here from Knavewear. We’re excited to be popping in today to talk all things HAND-UPS! You got it... #crossishere and we are ready to give you a hand with the ins and outs of a proper hand up.

It’s pretty simple really…

First, grab your hand-up of choice.

This could be anything from Twizzlers to Oreos to Adult Beverages or "dollar, dollar bills ya'll". Remember to have something enticing to get the riders excited to come your way. After all, they are in the middle of a race! 😜

Next, find your distribution method.

Are you using your hand? How about a make-shift fishing pole? Use your imagination here! Crazy things happen at ‘cross races. Ever see a human blow-up doll handing up dollar bills?! 😂

Then, find your spot.

Did you know hand-ups are illegal in cyclocross? Okay, okay, before you freak out on us. Yes, there are legal hand-ups. These are allowed within certain areas, depending on the temperature & length of the race, and are instructed by the race officials. We know, totally sucks but there are some ways around that little barrier! 😉

So back to the hand-ups we’re talking know, the fun ones, are illegal and should be given without an official in view. We don’t want you to get your favorite racer disqualified because they ate a cookie during their race!  So keep an eye out for those wonderful humans in blue making the sport safe and fair for all. ;)

Finally, perform the art of the hand-up.

Give those fabulous racers a little extra ‘oomph with your hand-up. While they’re grabbing that Twizzler from you, be sure to shout some encouraging heckles their way. Put a smile on their face. If you’re unsure about this whole hand-up thing, go find your local hand-up expert. Ours is Josh Magie! 😆

The Handup

*note: we are not telling you to break the USAC rules 😜 we’re just telling you if you follow these steps, you’ll have one rad time at your local cyclocross race.



Angie & James Armstead began Knavewear [/nāv, wer/] after having a tough time finding base layers that worked for their varied temperature rides AND looked more rad than the simple white or black. 😆

After months of testing out different fabric, they launched their All-Season Base Layer in February of this year on their online retail store,  You can find more about their base layers and colors available on their website or on Instagram & Facebook @knavewear, or at any of the races this year. They’re excited to have a couple of BIG announcements coming soon so be sure to follow along. #haveaknifeday 😎🔥🔪

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