"Kitsmas" in April!

What’s in the box?

No, seriously, what’s in the box?!

As the owners of a women’s cycling clothing company, there’s always that moment when our first shipment of the season arrives at the door.

It’s a recipe that contains, in equal measure, excitement and trepidation. All our cycling jerseys and shorts start as a sketch. Kim then moves it to the computer and starts to work within the design program. We might change the color palette here or move a part of the pattern over there. Once we're satisfied, we send the graphic files to our supplier and get a small sample print. After another round of tweaks, we place the order, cross our fingers and wait...

Then, about five weeks later, the doorbell rings.

There’s a lot riding on that box. Better stated, there’s a lot riding on what’s IN that box. We just hope, in that moment when we grab a knife and carefully cut open the cardboard, that all those ideas and changes came together to become the kit we envisioned.

Here, take a look.

Presenting our new Road Warrior Collection. For those of you who placed a pre-order with us … your beautiful new kit is on its way.

Just wait for the doorbell.

Velorosa Cycling was founded in 2015 by business partners and cycling friends Kim Hopkins and Lisa Carponelli, both of Des Moines. Hopkins began designing jerseys for her race team in 2008. The partners sell the race-inspired apparel online and at pop-up locations to meet the needs of women looking for unique, great-fitting, high-performance cycling clothing. 







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  • LIsa A Johnson

    I purchased my first Velorosa kit this summer after chatting with Lisa the the Bikes, Blues and BBQ in Clear Lake Ia. Seriously the most comfortable biking attire EVER!!!! So much so, I just purchased a soul sister kit this past week and got to try it out today on our 30 mile ride. Love , love Loved it…. many compliments as well. Velorosa is my new favorite !! If you have not tried Velorosa….. especially the shorts….give them a try, they will not disappoint…. that is for sure!!!!!

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