Signature Collection

With styles named after rose varieties, our Signature Collection features a bright, bold assortment of mix-and-match jerseys, sleeveless jerseys and shorts. Items with corresponding style names can be worn together or can be paired with any others in the collection. Have fun creating your own combinations!

  • “I’ve been mixing and matching my Velorosa gear for years now and I can’t stop adding to my collection. It all goes together great and it makes it so easy to throw on and head out the door for a ride. Plus, it really holds up well to the rough wear and tear of all types of cycling.”

    Ali Y, enjoys riding/racing mtn, gravel and road
  • “I wear the Velorosa Women’s Cycling Wear because is it just that—women’s cycling gear that makes you feel as fantastic as you look! Feminine, but not over-the-top—and the colors and patterns allow me to mix-and-match within the product line or with other pieces I have to create my own unique look.”

    Tricia B, enjoys riding mtn and gravel
  • “Highlights: Good quality, durable, comfortable, kick-ass design, versatile... it is nice to see the variety of choices that have been designed but know that you can pair items how you want without it looking mismatched.”

    Tracy B, enjoys riding road and mtn