The Subtle Art of Hint-Giving

Holidays. They’re the best of times. They’re the worst of times. 

There’s nothing better than spending time with loved ones and friends. But gifting is hard, both on the giving end AND on the receiving end. We’ve been thinking about how to simplify the process through the subtle (or not-so-subtle) art of hint-giving.

Everyone has gifting traditions, from matching pajamas to beautiful floral arrangements. Traditions are fabulous, but they don't always cut it. 

That's where hint-giving comes into play. Here are a few tips for giving hints to your loved ones:

  1. Place a post-it note on obviously placed catalog page. If you think you need to be more obvious, scribble something like "Wish List" in big, bold letters.
  2. Constantly hand off your phone when scrolling through social media, preferably saying “Check this out, isn’t this cool!?”
  3. Enlist a bestie who’s willing to tell the giver exactly what you want.
  4. Next time you’re out shopping, make sure to linger around items that are at the top of your list … drop very specific hints along the way.
  5. Start conversations with “You know what I’ve always wanted …”
  6. If you think picking the right size might cause some consternation, it’s great to say “I would love a gift card to THIS store so that I can really take my time and enjoy the shopping experience.”
  7. Leave your computer browser open to an item and place in an obvious place so others can see it. It's best to do this several times per week leading up to the holiday.

BONUS TIP: If none of the above works, send this article for review to the would-be gift-giver. Then they'll know to look for your hints! 

Receiving a gift you love (read: would've chosen for yourself) is wonderful. The only thing better? Giving a gift the recipient will love just as much! Here are a few methods of sleuthing out the perfect gift:

  1. Ask them. But be coy. Use phrases like: "What do you think of X?" "Have you ever wanted to Y?" "What's your favorite thing on Instagram right now?"
  2. Listen for hints in your day-to-day conversations. If something stands out to you, make a note of it! 

Giving or getting a desired gift is the best feeling in the world. And with a little finesse, you can help take the pressure off both parties. The end result may not be as much of a surprise, but the perfect gift is sure to delight!

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