Meet Designer Ashlè Easley

At Velorosa®, our mission is to create beautiful, great-fitting, high performance cycling wear that helps women more fully enjoy the sport they already love. We want to see biking become more inclusive and accessible for all. Through our connections with the Des Moines chapter of the national cycling organization Black Girls Do Bike (BGDB), we partnered with Midwest artist, graphic designer and cyclist Ashlè Easley to create our Let Diversity Bloom jersey for 2022.

Working with Ashlè turned into a great collaboration. Below, Ashlè explains her reasons for partnering with Velorosa and her inspiration behind the jersey design.

Why did you become interested in working on this project with Velorosa?

I was interested in working on the Velorosa project because it meant giving back to a sport that helped me get through hard times. Plus, I love that Velorosa creates amazing designs for women cyclists because it's nice to ride cute.

What does this design mean to you? What was your inspiration?

I wanted to create something beautiful in a time where we are still divided. The flowers represent the seed of unity within the biking community. The biking trails were the first place in Des Moines where I could be me and actually have people be friendly. It's a seed that needs to be planted in schools and workplaces. It must be spread throughout the internet and across the globe if we want a world where people are not marginalized, discriminated or even killed for being who they are. This design represents the people ready to make a difference.

What does biking/cycling mean to you? How important are cycling groups, like BGDB, for helping grow the sport?

Biking is the best form of stress release. BGDB is amazing and I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful community. The relationships and lessons I gained through BGDB will last me a lifetime. Groups, like BGDB, are important for diversity and inclusion. It's nice to know you are not alone. BGDB increases awareness in different cultures so that you are not limited to do or enjoy one thing.

This limited-edition short-sleeve jersey will be available for pre-order starting Tuesday, February 8 with delivery expected in April 2022. All proceeds will be donated to Black Girls Do Bike.


Ashlè Easley is a Peoria, Illinois, native and a Central State University alumna. She is an established design and marketing professional and owner of Made Easley Advertising.

Ashlè enjoys the fast-paced and ever-changing atmosphere of the advertising world. Her energetic personality and critical thinking skills lend themselves well to the work. 

Connect with Ashlè and let her bring your vision to reality. Visit the Made Easley website.

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