Leaping (with both feet) into another season at Velorosa®

Happy Leap Year! (Is that a thing?) We're excited that today is February 29th because it's the day that we officially reveal our new collections for 2024. It's a big deal for our cycling business.

Every year, Kim works at her computer and sketch pad to conceptualize and design what we plan to send out into the world every spring. There are color swatches to match, patterns to try, designs to scale (can a flower be too big?), and multiple proofs to ensure it all comes together in time. For the past few years, we've headed somewhere warm, contacted local women cyclists at the destination, and photographed our new kits "in the wild." It's never easy; at times, it's pretty stressful, and slivers of doubt creep in. Each season, it's a leap of faith. What is consistently the most significant thrill (or what we call a "tailwind moment") is when we see the new kits on new riders. What do they look like to us? 

Bright. Bold. Beautiful. 

For our 9th year, we're venturing into new territory. We've got some product innovation (pockets!) mixed with a European-inspired minimalist style. We're also re-issuing one of our most requested (and badass) designs. It's a year when playful meets powerful, with a bit of retro thrown in. Elegance with an edge.

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting to explore the joys of biking, we designed our gear with your comfort, performance, and style in mind. Your biking needs are covered--from cool jerseys to bright cycling tanks to durable shorts that go the distance. The rave reviews from our customers tell the story of our business: two women who wanted to make great-fitting cycling kits that are fun to wear, and meet some pretty great riders along the way.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure. 

xo, Kim & Lisa

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