Hit Play. Not Pause.

If you've ever read about pushing through the most challenging part of a long bike race, you’ve likely heard about the value of finding a mantra. Something you can repeat to yourself so that you can pull your mind off the hurt and keep moving forward. A simple phrase that helps you maintain your cadence as you power up the steepest part of that grueling climb. (You know, the one you’ve been trying to get the QOM on Strava for.)

Might we suggest a mantra that’s really working for us lately?

Hit. Play. Not. Pause.

Each word gets a pedal stroke.

Hit. Play. Not. Pause.

Just to the top. Hold that wheel. A little bit longer.

This phrase carries a lot of meaning at Velorosa®.

It’s the name of our favorite podcast. Every week writer and athlete Selene Yeager brings valuable insight and the latest scientific research to active, performance-minded women who aren’t willing to put their best years behind them. Velorosa is now a proud sponsor of the Hit Play Not Pause podcast. We believe this type of content is vital in helping women achieve their best —on the bike and everywhere else.

It's a pretty awesome title for a podcast. And after a 50-mile gravel race, we realized it's a damn good motivational chant. Not only does it get us through those painful stretches in the saddle, but it's a reminder of how to keep momentum in our lives and in our business. Never stopping, always learning. Even when it feels hard.

Hit. Play. Not. Pause.

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