DIY Grab and Go Cycling Toolkit

What you carry in a bike bag under your saddle can depend on your specific needs and the length of your ride. I don’t use a saddle bag but prefer to carry all my tools in my jersey pockets. That’s a personal preference, but it also means I need to keep everything stocked and ready to grab when rolling out of the driveway. Even if you're riding tubeless, it's always smart to have an inner tube with you in case you need to "boot it." In my house, we decided to put some old drink koozies to good use—it keeps the different tubes (road, mountain, gravel, etc.) separate and ensures we've got everything we need. We've taken to using duct tape and a sharpie so that we don't have to keep pulling out the tube to figure out which fix-it bundle we need. Also, should the ride call for a stop and a cold beverage--prepared! Here are some common items cyclists often carry:

Spare tube: Essential for quickly fixing a flat tire. Make sure it's the right size for your bike's tires.

Tire levers: These handy tools help remove the tire from the rim when fixing a flat tire.

Mini pump and/or CO2 inflator: For reinflating tires after fixing a flat.

Multi-tool: A compact tool that includes various hex keys, screwdrivers, and sometimes a chain tool, essential for minor bike adjustments or repairs on the go.

Money: I try to carry a folded $20 dollar bill for use in emergencies--these include a quick stop at a local convenience store or I've even used it as a patch between a gash in a tire and a new inner tube. Needless to say, once home, I had to replace that tire.

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