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We love all of the gear that we offer at Velorosa. We’ve prototyped, tested, sometimes gone back to the drawing board, listened to customer feedback, and ridden thousands of miles in it. As we’re closing in on the holiday season, and you’re trying to figure out the best gift for the cyclist in your life, we thought that we’d share a few of our favorites! Let's say this is the stuff we wouldn’t hit the gravel, the trail, or the road without. 


There’s no question my favorite piece of Velorosa gear is our shorts! I love them! Designed with a woman’s build in mind, these are the most comfortable biking shorts I own. The cut is flattering, and the Powerleg Bands and yoga waist band stay comfortably in place. We call it our COMFORTZONE chamois, but maybe a better term would be Goldilocks—not too thick, not too thin, but the "just right" density for even your longest rides. All of our shorts are cut the same, so you can find the collection that's right for you. (And if you're looking for a short on the shorter side, check out our Cali short. Same high-performance construction, but with a shorter inseam.) 

My other favorite cycling staple, new this year, is the Velorosa Rain Jacket. I keep it stashed on my touring gravel bike. It’s perfect if I ever find myself in an unexpected downpour or things get a little bit chilly. It's lightweight but offers complete protection. This jacket keeps safety in mind with a high-visibility option and reflective tabs. Another big plus? The jacket has some mesh and venting in the back to avoid getting too steamy during your ride. 


I’ll confess, I tend to overdress when I ride. A friend of mine jokes that I look like I'm showing up for a winter gravel race, even if it’s the middle of July. It takes me a lot longer to get warmed up. That's why I am a HUGE fan of our long sleeve jerseys. For an early morning ride or any route with winds over ten mph, you can bet it's what I'll be wearing. The fabric is the perfect weight (made of the same material as our short sleeve jerseys), and even if I start to sweat, I never overheat. The three large pockets in the back have plenty of storage for an extra tube, bike pump, my phone, and a snack. Truth? I love the way they look. All those badass designs with gorgeous patterns running down my arms—especially if I get down in the drops—forget what my Garmin says; I just feel fast.

Rarely will you see me without a hat. It's my weeknight, weekend, mom chauffeur, post-workout, grab-and-go uniform staple. Honestly, I have dozens scattered throughout the house and my office. I have dress-up hats and dress-down sweat-stained ones. But my favorite hat, as of late, is my Velorosa® Trucker Hat. It fits great, holds its shape, doesn't look dirty, and it straps perfectly to the back of my seat post when I'm out on a social ride. When my helmet comes off, my Velorosa hat goes on.

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