Choosing Women's Cycling Shorts: Bibs vs. Non-Bibs

Sometimes, customers ask us if we offer bib shorts (cycling shorts with straps, similar to suspenders, that go over the shoulders and hold the shorts in place.) All the cycling shorts we offer at Velorosa® currently are non-bib shorts.  And honestly, we’ve worn both styles in the decades we’ve been riding. Each design has its fans, and we’ve found that it really boils down to the personal preference of the rider and often the type of ride they’re on. Here are some of the benefits we’ve found for non-bib shorts:  

Convenience: Non-bib shorts are generally easier to put on and take off than bib shorts. This can be particularly advantageous for women who may need to make frequent bathroom stops during long rides or races. Some bib shorts designs require removing the shoulder straps (but not all—some unique innovations here), which can be cumbersome, especially when layered with other cycling gear.

Comfort for Some Body Types: Women with certain body types may find non-bib shorts more comfortable. Bib shorts can sometimes create pressure points or discomfort around the chest or shoulders, especially for women with larger busts. Non-bib shorts eliminate the need for shoulder straps, providing a more relaxed fit around the upper body. Velorosa® shorts offer a yoga-style waistband and compression leg bands to keep our shorts in place. 

Cooler in Hot Weather: Non-bib shorts can offer better ventilation and cooling, especially in hot weather conditions. Bib shorts cover more of the torso, potentially trapping heat and moisture, whereas non-bib shorts allow more airflow around the waist and lower back.

Easier Layering: Non-bib shorts are more compatible with various upper-body cycling apparel, such as different types of jerseys or jackets. They don't have the additional bulk or interference from bib straps, making them easier to pair with other clothing layers.

Personal Preference: Ultimately, the choice between bib and non-bib shorts for women comes down to personal preference and comfort. Some women may prefer the feel and fit of non-bib shorts, finding them more conducive to their riding style and body shape. While non-bib cycling shorts have advantages for some women, it's essential to note that preferences vary from cyclist to cyclist and ride to ride. It's always a good idea to try both types and determine which style best suits your needs and preferences.

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