No More Muffin Top or Sausage Legs!




Those are the things that matter.  That’s what hundreds of women tell us they expect from their cycling wardrobe. 

We hear you—loud and clear.

Part of the reason we started Velorosa was to share our cycling shorts with other female riders. We love them. The lycra has just the right amount of stretch and support. They hold you in place, without being too tight. You can wear them for 100+ mile rides. They’re meant to go the distance.

Our comfort leg bands replace the old-school elastic or ‘gripper’ designs; all but eliminating that ‘sausage leg’ look.

Then there’s our yoga pants-style waistband. There’s no drawstring and no tight elastic around your middle. (There’s really nothing worse than that uncomfortable pinch when you’re leaning over your handlebars. One rider told us, “NO MORE MUFFIN TOP!”) 


As for the way our shorts look? Well, here’s where I’m going to quote one of the photographers who helped with the product shots for our website. He just so happens to be a cyclist. (Go figure.) As he was taking the pictures, he stood up and off-handedly remarked, “You know, I just really like these designs. They’re aggressively feminine. Really cool.”

 Thank you, Chris

And thank you to everyone for supporting Velorosa. Cycling clothing designed for women who ride, by women who ride. 









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